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The Spiaggia Centrale, just 10 metres from the Hotel Bue Marino, is the main village beach where in the Twenties aristocrats and bourgeois used to spend their summer holidays. A beach of pebbles and sand, it is a family favorite due to the calm sea, the trees’ shadow bordering the sand, and the presence of drinkable water supply. Along the coast road there are a few more free small beaches. At the end of the road, the last beach that can be reached by car is Cala Fuili. After two hour trekking, we take the path that goes up to the opposite side of the road and reach Cala Luna, a beach that owes its reputation of being one of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean to the shades and colors of its waters, as well as to the presence of six small grottoes and a wood of oleanders near the pond surrounded by the mountains. The excursion from the beach to the Codula di Luna is also recommended as it takes you to the very heart of the Supramonte of Dorgali and Baunei.

After Cala Luna, we reach the beach of Cala Sisine, set among two rock ridges whose high walls give the place a mountain-like atmosphere, thanks to the oaks wood on the gorge’s borders.

Not far from Cala Sisine is Cala Biriola with its characteristic natural rock arch. Further on we meet Cala Mariolu where the seabed is incredibly transparent and two creeks are separated by a white rock promontory. The last beach is Cala Goloritzè whose main characteristics are a small natural rock arch and a 140 m. high rock pinnacle overhanging on the beach, from where climbers can enjoy an exclusive view on the gulf. To the North of Cala Gonone, there is the Cala Cartoe beach, with its typical fine white sands: it can be reached by car along a spectacular panoramic road. The beach is delimited by two rock promontories and no buildings spoil the view.

Dark basalt rocks separate Cala Cartoe from Cala Osalla, another fine sand beach that can be reached by car or by bike and horse.